Welcome To Anime Athena!

Hello and welcome to Anime Athena! Here we're showcasing Japanese Entertainment News. We're still starting up, but we'll be dedicated to giving you all the most relevant news currently happening in the Anime Industry. Together with our authors, we're gonna review, write and talk about Anime, Manga, and other stuff about Japanese Culture! So read,... Continue Reading →

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5 Exciting Eras of Art Style in Anime

Over the course of time, Anime has change art styles. We know that creative artists drew artwork differently from each other, although during the course of their era drew somewhat similarly during their age of the Anime industry. We will delve into these works and examine how artists drew Anime in each era. Earliest dates... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: nyaa.se is down!

Today at 1:03pm UTC nyaa.se went down. People who primarily use NT and have no access to Crunchyroll, because of the almighty "not available in your country" will now use individual translator sites for getting their favorite Anime episodes. No word yet on when nyaa.se will go up again. UPDATE: According to NT they're shutting... Continue Reading →

New PC Releases: April

*More games will be listed here soon* Kinda a bit late but if you haven't heard yet, Sega launched Bayonetta on Steam. It's complete with 4k res and other additional graphical enhancements. Bayonetta PC Also Koei Tecmo will release Warriors All-Star for PS4/PC on August 29. Mosou Stars Teaser Trailer Playable characters include: Zhao Yun... Continue Reading →

Ghost in the Shell Gets A New Anime

In spite of the recent flop that the Western Ghost in the Shell Movie was, Kodansha and Production I.G. announced that there will be a new Ghost in the Shell Anime. It will still be based on Masmune Shirow's original Ghost in the Shell manga. The most recent Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie... Continue Reading →

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